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Purchasing your first hearing aids can seem like a daunting task.

Through our patient-centered SM Approach, we make the whole process easy.

At Northeast Atlanta ENT (with ear clinic locations in Lawrenceville, Johns Creek, and Dacula), we start by listening and asking you the right questions about your lifestyle and listening situations. By combining that information with an in-depth evaluation, we can customize a solution just for you.

You want hearing aids that fit, feel, and work best for you. To get them, there are a variety of factors you should discuss with your ear doctor, including:

Your specific type of hearing loss

The degree and type of hearing loss you have is probably the biggest factor in determining which kind of hearing aids will work best for you. Our Audiologists in Lawrenceville, Johns Creek, and Dacula will take into account your specific type of hearing loss to determine the best solution for your needs.

Your lifestyle will determine the best hearing aid for you

If you have an active lifestyle, you may need more hearing aid features in order to adjust to a greater range of situations. Others may need features that function in quieter environments.

Comfort level with your hearing aid

Hearing aids today are now much smaller and are highly customized, so they’re much more comfortable than they were just a few years ago. What’s important is that you select hearing aids that work best for you including fit, maintenance, and ease of adjustment.

Price & cost of hearing aids

Because we offer one of the widest selections of hearing aids in the industry, we are able to provide a variety of pricing options that will fit your budget without sacrificing features and quality.

We accept most insurance plans as well as CareCredit as an additional financing option.. If your insurance company has a hearing aid benefit available, we will work with them to maximize the benefit available to you. We love working with our patients and helping them get the care they need, which is why many people come to us instead of big box or retail-focused places.

Open Canal (Open) image

Smaller behind-the-ear hearing aids in which sound travels from the instrument through a small tube to the speaker in your ear canal, but it leaves the ear open — so there isn’t a ‘plugged up’ feeling some people experience with other hearing aids. Open Canal Mini-BTEs are best for mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss where low-frequency hearing is still normal.

Behind the Ear (BTE) image

Housed in a small curved case that fits behind your ear and is attached by a narrow bit of tubing to a custom earpiece molded to fit your outer ear, BTEs are the largest, most visible type of hearing aid. But the newer models are slimmer and barely visible. These are typically the strongest hearing aids and are appropriate for almost all types of hearing loss and for people of all ages.

In the Ear (ITE) image

Fitting directly into the external part of your ear, their size makes them visible, but it also makes them easier to insert and adjust. ITEs are most helpful for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

In-the-Canal (ITC) image

Fitting partially within your ear canal and barely visible, ITCs small size makes them nearly invisible, but adjusting them can be more difficult. Many of these models come with remote controls to make adjusting them easier. ITCs are used for adults with mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

Completely In the Canal (CIC) image

Molded to fit deeply within your ear canal, CICs are the smallest and least visible types of hearing aid. Because they’re sheltered within the ear, it helps cut down on wind noise. CICs can help improve mild to moderate hearing loss in adults.

Invisible In the Canal (IIC) logo

A new option is the Invisible In the Canal (IIC) hearing aid, which is the latest solution for patients needing a hearing aid that no one else can see. This particular hearing aid is smaller than the CIC, and goes deeper into the ear canal.

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We offer a selection of convenient financing options that will get you on a path to better hearing without delay. Be sure to ask your doctor at one of our three convenient locations (Lawrenceville, Johns Creek, or Dacula) about the financing options we offer to patients in need of a hearing aid.