Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure performed in an office setting to widen the natural drainage pathways of the sinuses. This procedure is done by endoscopy, which means there are no external changes to the nose, it has a quicker recovery time, and there is minimal downtime. Balloon Sinuplasty can also be done under sedation to allow for a painless experience, and it is often done within just a matter of minutes.

This technique uses a small balloon device, which is placed through the nasal cavity and into the natural opening of the sinus. The sinus passage is then enlarged to allow the cavities to be cleaned and washed out; this relieves the pressure and also removes the trapped infection. The balloon device is then removed. No remaining packing or permanent materials are necessary, unlike the more traditional endoscopic sinus surgery. This means there is minimal trauma to the tissues of the nose or sinuses, allowing for much faster recovery and excellent results.

The following patients can be candidates for Balloon Sinuplasty:

    • Recurrent infections
    • Facial pain and pressure
    • Sinus headaches
    • Congestion
    • Diminished sense of smell or taste
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Chronic infection that fails to improve with antibiotics

Our physicians are able to assess the patients in the office using the latest technology and decide the appropriate treatment. Given our expertise as a comprehensive center for sinus care, we can create a treatment plan in a single visit. We have the capabilities to perform the entire evaluation here in our facility, including endoscopic examination, allergy testing, and CT scansSchedule your appointment with Northeast Atlanta ENT today to discuss your options.

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